Unleash Your Inner Green Witch with Our Mystical Friends Membership

Welcome to a world where nature’s magic is at your fingertips, no matter where you reside. The urban jungle may seem challenging, but at Urban Green Witch, we’re passionate about helping you find the sacred in the everyday. With our Urban Green Witch Friends Membership, you can start sowing the seeds of your magical journey.

What Does Urban Green Witch Friends Membership Offer?

The Mystical Friends Membership is your gateway to the fundamentals of green witchcraft and sustainable living. This membership is designed to give you the knowledge, resources, and community support to help you nurture your inner green witch.

Access to our Urban Green Witch Mini Course

Further your knowledge with our comprehensive course and Printable Book of Shadow pages.

Access to the Mystical Friends Facebook Group

Connect, communicate, and create magic with other members of our vibrant and diverse community of green witches.

Access to Member-Exclusive Book of Shadows Posts

Dive deeper into the mystical world of green witchcraft with our exclusive content, only accessible to our members.

Priority Access to New Products in the Shop

Be the first to get your hands on our latest ethically-sourced, eco-friendly magical tools and home décor items.

Why Choose Mystical Friends Membership?

Our Mystical Friends Membership is ideal for those at the beginning of their magical journey, as well as those looking to incorporate more sustainable and magical practices into their everyday urban life. Our aim is to make the mystical accessible and practical for everyone, regardless of your prior knowledge or experience.

By joining as a Mystical Friends member, you’re not just buying a membership – you’re investing in yourself and your magical growth. You’re joining a like-minded community that values sustainability, inclusivity, and, of course, the enchantment of green witchcraft.


~Craft a REAL, bespoke, and highly effective witchcraft practice that supports your life and goals  

~Harness your own energy, the key to your magickal and personal power

~Work with the energies of the Earth and Cosmos, which add massive layers of power to your own

~Release uncertainty and become a confident, masterful magician and creator of original spells

~Clear blocks to your magick, happiness and success in life

~Discover a divination practice that will help you to navigate your life and Witchcraft practice 

~Live in sync with the rhythms and energies of nature

~Practice your own personalized year of Sabbat celebrations (holidays!)

-Live harmoniously with the Moon and ‘her moods’, and create your own soulful esbat (full moon) practice

~Connect with spirit and understand your path and your purpose

~Learn SO much about magick, what it really is, and more importantly…

DO IT… and experience life-changing manifestations 

Ready to Start Your Magical Journey?

If you’re ready to embrace the magic within and around you, to make your everyday life more enchanted and sustainable, then join us today! Become a Urban Green Witch Friends member and start nurturing your inner green witch.