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September Harvest Full Moon 2023

September 29, 2023

Names: Barley, Harvest, Nut, Wine

Colors: Brown

Gemstones & Minerals: Carnelian, Cat’s Eye, Iolite, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Sapphire, Spinel (blue) Tourmaline (blue), Zircon

Intentions: confidence, the home, manifestation, protection

Astrologically, the full moon in September 2023 occurring in Aries will have certain symbolic meanings and influences.  Here’s a general understanding of the significance of a full moon in Aries:

1. Aries Energy: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is associated with qualities such as assertiveness, enthusiasm, courage, and independence. When a full moon occurs in Aries, it amplifies these traits, bringing a burst of dynamic and fiery energy.

2. Individuality and Self-Expression: Aries is a sign that emphasizes individuality and self-expression. During this full moon, there may be a focus on asserting your personal needs, desires, and ambitions. It can be a time of self-discovery and embracing your unique identity.

3. Passion and Motivation: Aries is known for its passionate and motivated nature. The full moon in Aries can ignite a sense of enthusiasm and drive within individuals. It may inspire you to take action, pursue your goals with vigor, and tackle challenges head-on.

4. Independence and Autonomy: Aries values independence and autonomy, and this full moon may encourage you to assert your independence and break free from any limitations or restrictions that have been holding you back. It’s a time to assert yourself and take charge of your own life.

5. Impulsiveness and Courage: Aries is known for its impulsive tendencies and fearless nature. Under the influence of this full moon, you may feel more inclined to take risks, be spontaneous, and step outside your comfort zone. It’s important to balance this energy with careful consideration to avoid recklessness.

6. Relationship Dynamics: Full moons often illuminate relationship dynamics, and with this full moon in Aries, there may be a focus on partnerships and interactions with others. It can bring a need for independence within relationships, as well as the potential for conflicts arising from assertive or impulsive behaviors. Finding a balance between personal desires and considering the needs of others will be important.



September 29, 2023
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