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Oak Celtic Tree Month

June 10, 2023 - July 7, 2023

Letters: D

Color: Black, Brown (dark)

Number: 12

Bird: Wren

Tree: Oak

Gemstones: Quartz (white)

Intentions: confidence, courage, endurance, justice, the otherworld/underworld, security, strength, truth

The Oak Tree Month is a special time that honors the majestic oak tree and its deep-rooted symbolism. Here’s a glimpse into the significance of the Oak Tree Month;

The Oak Tree Month typically falls between June 10th and July 7th, aligning with the height of the oak tree’s growth and strength during the summer season. It’s a time when the energy of the oak tree is celebrated and incorporated into magical practices.

1. Strength and Endurance: The oak tree is revered for its incredible strength and endurance. During the Oak Tree Month, we draw inspiration from the oak’s resilience, grounding ourselves in its unwavering presence. It reminds us to stand tall and steadfast in the face of challenges.

2. Protection and Boundaries: The oak tree acts as a guardian, providing shelter and protection. During this month, we call upon the oak’s protective energy to create strong boundaries and ward off negativity. It serves as a symbol of safety and security.

3. Wisdom and Guidance: The oak tree is associated with wisdom and ancient knowledge. During the Oak Tree Month, we seek the oak’s guidance, tapping into its wisdom for clarity and insight. It’s a time to deepen our connection with our intuition and ancestral wisdom.

4. Grounding and Stability: The oak tree’s deep roots firmly anchor it to the earth, symbolizing grounding and stability. In Green Witchcraft, we utilize this energy to find balance, establish stability in our lives, and connect with the Earth’s nurturing energy.

5. Prosperity and Abundance: The oak tree’s association with abundance and prosperity is celebrated during this month. We harness its energy to attract abundance in all areas of our lives, focusing on gratitude and cultivating an abundance mindset.

6. Rituals and Offerings: Green Witches often perform rituals and offerings to honor the oak tree during this month. Offerings may include acorns, oak leaves, or symbolic representations of the oak’s strength and wisdom. These rituals may involve meditation, divination, or spellwork centered around the themes of protection, wisdom, and abundance.

7. Connection with Nature: The Oak Tree Month is an opportunity to deepen our connection with nature. Spend time outdoors, preferably in the presence of oak trees, and attune yourself to their energy. Meditate, journal, or simply sit in contemplation to foster a deeper bond with the natural world.

May the wisdom and strength of the oak guide your path during the Oak Tree Month! 🌳💫✨



June 10, 2023
July 7, 2023
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