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Lughnasadh – Lammas

August 1

Solar System: Moon

Moon Phase: Waning

Season: Summer

Colors: Brown 9reddish), Gold, Orange, Purple, Yellow

Trees: Acacia, Apple, Myrtle, Oak, Rowan

Misc Plants: Aloe, Ginseng, Grain

Garden: Blackberry/Bramble, Gorse

Gemstones & Minerals: Citrine, Diamond (yellow), Peridot

Goddesses: Aine, Ceres, Demeter, Ereshkigal, Freya, Frigg, Inanna, Ishtar, Kore, Persephone

Gods: Dumuzi, Lugh, Odin

Animals: Cattle

Birds: Chicken

Intentions: accomplishment, agriculture, challenges, darkness, death, endings, release, transformation


August 1
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